Sits and Laughs Before You Judge

Few days ago, I had coffee with some summer course participants who visited our teaching site that day. One of them was a US Navy seaman, and one of them is a Malaysian student. Turns out, dark jokes unites them in a weird way.

They’re staying in one room with another guy. So, there’s a red neck American from West Virginia, a Malaysian Muslim, and a Filipino gay guy staying in the same room. Hypothetically, there would be shootings and killings when those three were together, because the stereotype teaches us that the rednecks were really hates the Muslims, the Muslims and the rednecks hates the gays. But surprisingly, they get along well.

Then I realized that the hatred can be reduced when you sit and laughs together. People really need to sit and laughs together before they judge someone. Because every single person can’t be reduced to one single identity!

Yes, I am an Indonesian, a Muslim, an NGO worker, a boyfriend, a friend, a guy who likes martabak. I want people to see me as a whole, not only from one single identity. If you don’t agree with my preference in martabak, I’m pretty sure that we have something else in common.

As long you’re not doing harm to me or to the people I love, I don’t really care who you are. You are welcomed to sit on my table and enjoy my food.