Together with my trusted friends, I co-founded Pameo in 2015 and become the CEO and Lead Graphic Designer. Pameo is a  graphic design & communication agency that assists the changemakers such as universities, nonprofits, think-tanks and government agencies in developing its visual identity.

Today, everything is disposable. Everything is temporary. New gadgets and technologies are often considered to be the latest, biggest ideas. When in reality, they are just trendy delivery vehicles soon to be replaced by the next big thing. At Pameo, we think differently. We think that a good, long lasting idea is what creates a positive response, memorability, and awareness lifts. Long lasting ideas are the foundation on which you build brands for the long-term.

We believe that everyone can be a changemaker and changemaker needs a strong visual identity to communicate their ideas and to maximize their impacts. We also believes that simple wins; that simple idea that lives at the intersection of brand and human truths have the power to deliver maximum impact.